There are various campaigns and information resources about the impacts of soy production.

Germany:"Salva la Selva / Rettet die Regenwald (español), (english, deutsch)

France: "Soja contre la Vie", a campaign site of French organisations with campaign alerts on land evictions

Belgium: "Sojaconnectie", an educative campaign site of Sustainable Agriculture working group Wervel (Belgium) showing the connection between soy production in Brazil and meat consumption in Belgium.

Belgium: "Sojaboon", an educative site about soy production.

The Netherlands: ASEED Europe's soy campaign with a focus on the struggle against soy production in Paraguay, and local actions in Europe

The Netherlands: Soy Resource Center by BothEnds, information on conventional soy, GM soy and organic soy
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Paraguay : independant and open content news site

US : Covering activism and politics in South America with special section on Paraguay

Argentina: Grupo de Reflexion Rural, and Argentinean group reflecting on rural issues, makers of radio program Horizonte Sur