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Video news on campesino struggle, Paraguay

*Link to seperate section on campesino struggle in San Pedro Province.

*The story behind an image. Interview with a woman of the community Mariscal Lopez on the severe repression of which she was a victim during the mobilisations of the FSP on November 5th in Asunción.

Police Repression and Presidential Promises: The Fight for Social Justice in Paraguay

by Lorena Rodriguez
written for Upside Down World
[img_assist|nid=272|title=represión 05/11/2008 en Asunción|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=109]
Despite brutal police violence, last week campesinos celebrated the victorious ending of a three day long mass mobilization. Some five thousands campesinos from all over Paraguay gathered in the capital city of Asunción to celebrate what constitutes a first victory for the campesino and landless movement in Paraguay.

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