A SEED on tour along mega pig stables

[img_assist|nid=386|title=.|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=118]A SEED Europe and the German organisation Nandu are in these days visiting a large number of locations where local residents have organised themselves against the construction of mega pig stalls. Most dates on the tour feature an information meeting and a street event. But also the informal exchange of information, experiences, arguments and strategies are important objectives of the tour.

Video letters, picture exhibition and street theatre

WWF Panda dances for Monsanto: Action at WWF-Netherlands office against 'responsible' soy

[img_assist|nid=376|title=WWF Action|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=200|height=163] On May 19th, the head office of WWF-Netherlands received some extraordinary visitors, including a weeping panda, a Monsanto circus director, and various people in white overalls spraying "Roundup".

The action is a protest on the occasion of the upcoming vote of the Round Table on Responsibe Soy (RTRS), on 28 May in Campinas (Brazil). This forum will allow GM RoundupReady soy to be certified as 'responsible', while in reality, this soy is responsible for massive use of pesticides as well as deforestation and driving small farmers from their lands.

See two action clips below

Testimonies on repression and violence around Tacuatí, San Pedro

Following the burning down of a police post in Tacuatí, San Pedro, Paraguay, on 31st December, a large military and police force was sent to the region. This has led to great fear among the population, a number of small farmers killed, shot at, or abused in several forms. Below you find two video´s containing testimonies of victims of crimes committed by the army and police forces now stationed in San Pedro.

Land Reform in Nueva Germania (San Pedro) - Struggle for land takes steps forward

[img_assist|nid=305|desc=March in Nueva Germania 11-12-08|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]Landless and small farmers, united in the ‘Coordinadora Distrital Sin Tierra de Nueva Germania’ struggle to obtain a stretch of land in the community of Oñondivepá, and prevent it to be deforested and turned into a soy desert. Eight years of struggle now seem to become successful. See the video (part one and two) on this event below.

Tractorazo: Soy producers stage protest for “peace, security and jobs”

[img_assist|nid=304|title=Tractorazo 15-12-2008|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=109]

On the fifteenth of December, soy producers in Paraguay organised a ´tractorazo´, a tractor-display to show their fear for political change
and land reform. Long rows of farming machinery could be seen along some of the highways. The manifestation was not as massive as the organisers hoped for. On several places announced, the ‘tractorazo’ did not materialize – such as in Caaguazu in the center of Paraguay, and the amount of attendants was far lower than expected. A video can be watched below..

Video news on the soy model, Paraguay

Land use and soy expansion

*NEW Cliff Welch on the soy economy in Paraguay Interview with professor Welch about the plans to turn the department of San Pedro into a purely soy region. Soy is needed in Europe and China as fodder, and for agrofuel. But it creates a total disaster in San Pedro and elsewhere.

Land reform
*Latin American intellectuals about land reform

Video news on campesino struggle, Paraguay

*Link to seperate section on campesino struggle in San Pedro Province.

*The story behind an image. Interview with a woman of the community Mariscal Lopez on the severe repression of which she was a victim during the mobilisations of the FSP on November 5th in Asunción.

Video clips on fumigations, Paraguay

*Fumigations next to the school of Yguarory. Teachers of the school of Yguarory, in Paraguay's department Caaguazú talk about the nauseating fumigations of that same morning.

Against 'Responsible' GM soy: reply to Solidaridad, WWF

The Round Table on Responsible Soy has been strongly criticised by many social and campesino movements from soy producing countries. Nevertheless, Dutch NGOs Solidaridad and WWF now go a step further by organising the 'GM soy debate - Common sense on GM soy' in order to make GM soy certifyable as 'responsible'. This shows how perverted the RTRS process really is.
With video of protest action in Amsterdam on dec 9, 2008

International Biofuel Conference (17-21 November) in Sao Paulo ethanol propaganda show - African countries on the sell out

From 17 to 21 of November, the Brazilian government organised the International Biofuels Conference , aimed to promote global trade in agrofuels. 'Sustainability' criteria and 'marginal lands' were major themes at the conference, as well as trade barriers and innovation. At the same time, a coalition of Brazilian and international organisations and movements held a counter seminar "Agrofuels as an obstacle to food and energy sovereignty". The final declaration of this forum was read out during a press event inside the official conference. <

La Soja Mata was at the counter seminar, and went inside the official conference. Below you will find some impressions.

UNICA was one of the winners of the 2008 EU Worst Lobbying Awards. See the video about the Sao Paolo events made for this occasion:

Corporate Europe Observatory simultaneously published an article, highlighting the role of the Brazilian government and agribusiness in boosting agrofuel production and trade, both in Latin America and in African countries. See press release elsewhere on this site. Link to the article:

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