Better the devil you know than the devil you don't?

Why the production of agrofuels offers no solution to global climate problems, but rather creates and intensifies already existing social and ecological problems.

september 2007 - Reto Sonderegger, Asunción, Paraguay
Translation : Anton Pieper, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Presently the Amazonian rain forest is burning in 70.000 different places. The planet's green lung is getting more permeable while steadily drying out. The evapotranspiration capacities are being drastically decreased by the loss of biomass, the deforestation and slashing and burning to expand the cultivable land for soy and sugarcane, or the creation of new feedlots for the extensive cattle rearing. The blushing holds off and therefore consequentially also the rain. This results in an agricultural loss of production and some even fear an infernal conflagration that wipes out the rest of the dried out Amazonia.

More violence in Paraguay against campesinos. Eviction in Yhu- Caaguazú.

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September 20th , Asunción- Paraguay

At the end of August an encampment of landless peasants in the neighbourhood of Ka´iho (district of Yhu in Paraguayan province Caaguazu) was evicted, on the orders of the district attorney for environment, Alejandrino Rodríguez. During this operation 7 people were arrested and held for 22 days on the charge of environmental crime. Only yesterday (september 19th 2007) were they released on probation.

This camp consists of 60 families, part of the regional peasant movement Movimiento Agrario y Popular (MAP). 3 months ago they occupied this domain, which forms part of a large landed estate of 3000 hectares. This estate is owned by Sr. Sapriza Núnez, who according to the MAP is a family member of current Paraguayan viceminister of Security, Mario Agustín Sapriza Núnez.

Unnoticed violence affects Paraguayan campesino communities.

[img_assist|nid=71|title=tent in Pariri ocupation|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=99] In the middle of August 2007 another house got burned down in the peasant community of Pariri. In a plot where earlier in May already 3 more houses got destroyed. The recuperation of lands and the conflicts this causes reveal the nature of illegal soy expansion.

On February 26th an occupation was brought forth of 14 hectares of soy monoculture in this community. About 20 young people together with peasant organization MAP decided to try to reclaim a part of their community that over the last decade has been covered for more than half with soy monocultures.

Disappeared campesino in hands of police in Paraguay

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On June 25 th community leader of the campesino organisation
MAP (Movimiento Agrario y Popular) disappeared from the community of
Pariri in Paraguay.

According to witnesses, Perfecto Irala, was kidnapped by an official of
the National Police named Vázquez of the commissariat of Santa Clara, in
the district Vaqueria. Various people and representatives of the MAP
have been trying to obtain information in the local commisariats,
without any result so far. They denounced the disappearance in the Human

Brutal torture and murder on Paraguayan campesino.

[img_assist|nid=67|title=torture and murder of Paraguayan campesino|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=104]
The Paraguayan Peasant Movement (MCP) denounces the murder and torture of the campesino ANTONIO ALMADA, 25 años years old, married and father, who was living in the community Meno Kue, district of Jasy Cañy, province of Kanindeju.

The criminal and brutal act that took place past 26 and 27th of May. ANTONIO ALMADA left his house in the night of the 26th in the company of a friend who came to invite him to go out- without specifying the whereto. He was found dead the next day at the border of Highway 10 at aproximately 1000 metres of his house.

Success for MAP thanks to international pressure

[img_assist|nid=52|title=removing soy in Pariri ocupation|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=99]
The land titles of the occupied lands in Pariri remain within the INDERT, the national land reform agency. The titles who where said to pass on to the cadaster which would mean an illegal transfer to Brazilian soy producers, for the moment being seems to be revoked. This sudden move is likely due to international pressure. The MAP has been
receaving numerous support letters.
Other positive news is that in the community of Tekojoja, this week they started to built houses after the community faced 3 violent evictions.

CONAMURI denounces violent eviction in Paraguay

On May 25 th CONAMURI, the National Coordination of indigenous and rural women denounced that on may 24th a violent eviction took place in the settlement Arsenio Báez, in central province of Caaguazu. During the eviction several people got arrested of which there is no news heard untill the moment.

The eviction was brought forth by district attorney Roberto Velásquez.

Peasant family in Paraguay condemned by agrotoxins

Javiera Rulli - July 18th, 2006: The tragedy faced by Petrona Villasboa's peasant family doesn't seem to come to an end. The family has been affected by agrotoxic contamination for more than 3 years. This time Petrona's 3 month-old grandchild is suffering from hidrocefalia. Even after 3 years of judicial battle the family is still waiting for the conviction of those responsible for the poisoning of Petrona´s son.

Solidarity Action for land ocupation of MAP in Parirí

We ask organizations to write personalized letters about the MAP ‘s situation to alert different Paraguayan institutions about the situation and pressure them to act. Letters are best written in Spanish, but English will work as well. Ideally, letters should be sent via email or fax to Paraguay and to the Paraguayan embassy in your country. It’s also important that a copy of the letter, with the names of the addresses, be sent to the MAP at, so that the organization can keep track of the support it is receiving.

Call for Solidarity with Paraguayan campesinos, may 2007

22 May 2007: The MAP (Agrarian and Popular Movement), a Paraguayan campesino organization, is in a state of alert and requires international solidarity. A camp of landless youths from Pariri is being threatened with eviction, and there is an attempt to frame and criminalize the organization’s national leader, Jorge Galeano.
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