Land Reform in Nueva Germania (San Pedro) - Struggle for land takes steps forward

[img_assist|nid=305|desc=March in Nueva Germania 11-12-08|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]Landless and small farmers, united in the ‘Coordinadora Distrital Sin Tierra de Nueva Germania’ struggle to obtain a stretch of land in the community of Oñondivepá, and prevent it to be deforested and turned into a soy desert. Eight years of struggle now seem to become successful. See the video (part one and two) on this event below.

Tractorazo: Soy producers stage protest for “peace, security and jobs”

[img_assist|nid=304|title=Tractorazo 15-12-2008|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=109]

On the fifteenth of December, soy producers in Paraguay organised a ´tractorazo´, a tractor-display to show their fear for political change
and land reform. Long rows of farming machinery could be seen along some of the highways. The manifestation was not as massive as the organisers hoped for. On several places announced, the ‘tractorazo’ did not materialize – such as in Caaguazu in the center of Paraguay, and the amount of attendants was far lower than expected. A video can be watched below..

Paraguayan's Health Minister commits herself to act against the poisoning of campesinos.

written by Jorge Zarate - December 11th 2008

“To take up this problem is an ethical compromise”, said Paraguayans health minister, Esperanza Martínez, announcing that a special Commission of which the Health Ministry and other state institutions forms part of, will control the impacts of fumigations with agrochemicals on the more than 2.6 million hectares that are being sown in the country. The minister said that it is necessary to have norms to regulate this issue. “At first it can be a decree that later sanctions a law; we have to take this up and stop worrying”, she explained.

Paraguay: Soy producers protest while indigenous died poisoned.

por Radio Mundo Real y IPS and SomosParaguay.

Paradox has become a symbol of our time. There are plenty of examples in Latin America. In Paraguay, for instance, while the rural landowners start a day of protests to ask the government for “security and work”, it became public that four indigenous children were poisoned with agrotoxics, and that the youngest died due to lack of health care.

Lack of resources. That was the answer given by the health authorities involved to the Paraguayan health attorney who is investigating the case. The local papers report that the indigenous affected live in Canindeyu department. They were poisoned with agrotoxics used by the Brazilian soy producers and their long tour around the different health care centers began last Wednesday.

Video news on the soy model, Paraguay

Land use and soy expansion

*NEW Cliff Welch on the soy economy in Paraguay Interview with professor Welch about the plans to turn the department of San Pedro into a purely soy region. Soy is needed in Europe and China as fodder, and for agrofuel. But it creates a total disaster in San Pedro and elsewhere.

Land reform
*Latin American intellectuals about land reform

Video news on campesino struggle, Paraguay

*Link to seperate section on campesino struggle in San Pedro Province.

*The story behind an image. Interview with a woman of the community Mariscal Lopez on the severe repression of which she was a victim during the mobilisations of the FSP on November 5th in Asunción.

Video clips on fumigations, Paraguay

*Fumigations next to the school of Yguarory. Teachers of the school of Yguarory, in Paraguay's department Caaguazú talk about the nauseating fumigations of that same morning.

Police Repression and Presidential Promises: The Fight for Social Justice in Paraguay

by Lorena Rodriguez
written for Upside Down World
[img_assist|nid=272|title=represión 05/11/2008 en Asunción|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=109]
Despite brutal police violence, last week campesinos celebrated the victorious ending of a three day long mass mobilization. Some five thousands campesinos from all over Paraguay gathered in the capital city of Asunción to celebrate what constitutes a first victory for the campesino and landless movement in Paraguay.

Mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular in Alto Paraná

More than 500 Campesinos and representatives of various social movements gathered from 4th to 6th of November on the central square 'Plaza de la Paz' in Ciudad del Este in Alto Paraná, being part of the mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular.[img_assist|nid=275|title=Movilización del Frente Social y Popular de Alto Paraná|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=100]

Paraguayan social movements are mobilising against the corrupt judicial system and for an integral land reform.

[img_assist|nid=245|title=Mobilisation of FSP in Caaguazu, 10-08|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]Thousands of campesinos will mobilise all over Paraguay demanding the destitution of the Judicial Power which represses and criminalises them.
Social sectors demand a stop to the detentions of mobilised campesinos and a concrete answer to the severe situation in the countryside through the means of an agrarian emergency plan. There will be mobilisations and road blocks on the national highways on more than 10 core points around the country.

videoreport on the mobilisations

(Spanish)Results and victories of the mobilisation
(Spanish)Wednesday 5- Repression against campesinos en Asunción (with photo report)
(Spanish)Mobilisations in Ciudad del Este (with photo report)
(Spanish)Comunicado de la CONAMURI, en relación a los hechos sucedidos hoy frente a la Fiscalía general del Estado
(Spanish)Diez verdades en contra de la impunidad en el campo y un llamado a la paz
(Spanish)News of the mobilisations of march 4

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