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Petition in support of Pascual Pichún

Please sign this petition as organisation by sending a mail with your name/organisation to en .

This petition will be handed over on June 23rd at both the Chilean Embassy in Belgium and the Chilean consulate in Argentina.

The organisations below demand Freedom for Pascual Pichún Collonao, political Mapuche Prisoner (1).

Pascual Pichún Collonao is a 27-year-old Mapuche communicator and student of the Faculty of Journalism, La Plata National University, Argentina. Pascual had been in Argentina since 2005, where he obtained a temporary residence permit from the Argentine authorities. He is a fourth-year student, works ad honorem in the Human Rights Secretariat of the Faculty of Journalism, and is involved in a number of the university´s community outreach projects. As an indigenous communicator he participates in several dialogue platforms in defense of indigenous peoples´ rights.

Support Pascual Pichún Collonao, a political indigenous Mapuche prisoner!

[img_assist|nid=407|title=Pascual Pichún|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=101]On February 26th of this year Pascual was detained by officers of the intelligence service in Temuco, Chili, and is now being held in the prison of Traiguén, together with other political Mapuche prisoners.

His lawyer has filed a request to diminish his original punishment of 5 years imprisonment. Chilean justice has now one month before the verdict. It helps to put pressure on the Chilean authorities. More info you find here.
What can you do?

Testimonies on repression and violence around Tacuatí, San Pedro

Following the burning down of a police post in Tacuatí, San Pedro, Paraguay, on 31st December, a large military and police force was sent to the region. This has led to great fear among the population, a number of small farmers killed, shot at, or abused in several forms. Below you find two video´s containing testimonies of victims of crimes committed by the army and police forces now stationed in San Pedro.

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