Mobilisation and repression in San Pedro province

* Criminalisation of campesino movement in district of Lima During october 2008, in the Paraguayan community Yvypé 5 leaders received orders of arrest, 2 of them got been arrested in one week time. It is presumed that the local soy lobby with support of the major of Lima in this way are trying to fracture the local movement that is opposing soy cultivation in the area. This clip shows not only interviews with local campesino leader, council member and teacher Elvio Romero of the community Yvypé but also the 11 detained campesinos of the San Vicente eviction which were all detained in the prison of San Pedro.

Impressions of tractorazo in Asunción (16/12/2008)

Paraguayan national media hypes pathetic mobilization of paraguayan great land owners instead of reporting on severe situation on the countryside and new, fatal cases of fumigation, such as the death of a four year old boy last week. By making up false numbers, tiny gatherings in the paraguayan capital, Asunción, appear to have been a great success. An eye-witness account proves this to be pure propaganda.

Video news on campesino struggle, Paraguay

*Link to seperate section on campesino struggle in San Pedro Province.

*The story behind an image. Interview with a woman of the community Mariscal Lopez on the severe repression of which she was a victim during the mobilisations of the FSP on November 5th in Asunción.

Mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular in Alto Paraná

More than 500 Campesinos and representatives of various social movements gathered from 4th to 6th of November on the central square 'Plaza de la Paz' in Ciudad del Este in Alto Paraná, being part of the mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular.[img_assist|nid=275|title=Movilización del Frente Social y Popular de Alto Paraná|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=100]

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