Video clips on fumigations, Paraguay

*Fumigations next to the school of Yguarory. Teachers of the school of Yguarory, in Paraguay's department Caaguazú talk about the nauseating fumigations of that same morning.

*Testimony on fumigations in the community Mariscal Lopez. Campesino community Mariscal Lopez, in the province Caaguazú, Paraguay, is being threatened by fumigations on rented out soy plots within the community. A testimony.

*Struggling to survive in Paraguay. This clip talks about a fierce struggle of campesinos in Paraguay against the agro-industry, with their GM crops, their capital intensive mechanisation, their pesticide use and their pressure on local campesino communities. This videoclip shows what happened on the 28th of October 2008, when a large group of campesinos halted fumigation tractors of Brazilian soy producers. Paraguay, community of Yvypé, end of October 2008.

*Manifestation against soy intrusion in Mariscal Lopez. Report on the manifestation on November 12th to denounce the illegal fumigations in the area. Mariscal Lopez is a colony in Caaguazú, and greatly suffers from the expansion of soy fields in the community over the past years. But the people there are convicted to keep their community livable.

*(in Spanish) Elderly people in Tekojoja. This is a testimony of people living next to a soy field of the mayor of Vaqueria, who is also a soy farmer. The old man and woman are immobile because of their age, and suffer the regular poisonous fumigations with bitterness and anger. The mayor from his part, is bluntly denying the existence of intoxications in Paraguay.

*(in Spanish) Campesinos from San Pedro demand halt to environmental violations. Answering the request of landless campesino organisation of the community Naranjito, department San Pedro, we made a video letter that they handed over to the Paraguayan environmental authority, the SEAM. Their main demand is an immediate end to the spraying of pesticides around their communities as it is harming their food crops, animals and health.
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