And here it is, the 'Soja Mata' info-DVD

[img_assist|nid=134|title=bandera soja mata|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=23] We compiled a DVD with various materials of the site like action clips, reports, pictures, etc....

Below you get an overview of it's content with the links where to find everything (so you can start compiling it yourself) but if you rather have it posted to you
send us an email if you would like to order one or more, we only ask you to pay the sending costs....

lasojamata [at]

DIY-list- [still under construction, apologies]
*Documentaries and action clips
1/Sovereignty under attack: documentary on impacts of soy expansion in Paraguay's province San Pedro (2007)click to see and read press release
click to download

2/ Agrofools at Word Biofuels Market in Brussels: action clip. click to see, read press release and link to download
3/ Activists block Cargill in Ghent: action clip. click to see and link to download
4/ Taking back the land: video clip on land ocupation in Paraguay

* Publications in PDF format
1/ Report explaining greenwash exercise through the Round Table on 'Responsible' soy.
2/ Summary of study on impacts of soy monoculture in Paraguayan peasant communities
3/ Critical discussion on the sustainability of agrofuels
4/ Reality check: case studies on agrofuels
5/ Report on Human Rights Violations due to soy expansion in Paraguay (2005)

* Chapters of book "United soy republics": click to read and download

* Picture series of Paraguay

* Slideshow on soy and campesino struggleclick to see

* Powerpoint presentation on impacts of soy expansion in Paraguay

If you would like to further use the materials, we would appreciate a reference to and/or drop us a line, thanks!