Call for sign ups to US agrofuel moratorium

A group of U.S. NGOs is calling on other organisations worldwide to sign a “Call for an immediate moratorium on U.S. incentives for agrofuels, U.S. agroenergy monocultures and global trade in agrofuels”. The call was launched in December by Rainforest Action Network, Global Justice Ecology Project, Food First, Grassroots International, Family Farm Defenders and the Student Trade Justice Campaign. It coincides with the U.S.government approving the Renewable Fuel Standard – a target for a massive 36 billion gallons of biofuels by 2022, which will result in rainforest destruction,accelerated global warming, biodiversity losses, more soil erosion and more water pollution, as well as in the eviction of large numbers of small farmers,pastoralists and forest communities.

To sign the moratorium call, please go to